Out on the tiles

Hand-painted designs, digital prints and shimmering, lustrous finishes. Using the latest tile technology you can give your bathroom a true stamp of individuality.

Tiles have long been a bathroom staple, chosen for function more than anything else - now, they’re a design feature in their own right.

“The latest looks offer stretched format tiles with accurate reproductions of stone and marble, structured tiles to create textured feature walls and a wide array of prints and effects to give lustrous and reflective finishes,” says Sheila Elliott, creative director of British Ceramic Tile.

“Feature strips are popular, but for an up-to-date look these should run along the long edge of the tile. Alternatively a feature panel of mosaic could add sparkle, especially in mixed materials of stone, metal and glass.”

White is a classic colour choice for tiles and lustrous finishes will help add life and warmth. Consider mixing them with black or brights too. “There is a current palette of cool sophisticated neutrals that provide a modern alternative to natural stone,” adds Sheila. “These semi-plain colours have a fresh look while still remaining in relatively safe territory."