Wet Wet Wet rooms



Wet rooms are becoming a popular choice for modern living.

Adding a wet room to your home helps to take the pressure off the existing bathroom, especially in busy households, or where family members have mobility issues. A completely water-tight, fully tiled, open-plan room, it’s dominated by a shower and usually accompanied with a wall-hung toilet and basin.

While it’s undoubtedly practical, easy to maintain and hard wearing, it will transform a space into something pretty special too.

Every wet room needs to be fitted with a tanking system - a waterproof membrane that will protect against leaks. Underfloor heating can be added for comfort and to help dry the room quickly. “Wet rooms were once regarded as difficult to install, but no more,” says Yvonne Orgill, chief executive of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association.

“They give a feeling of openness and make the best use of the available space. Without steps in and out of the shower tray, there are fewer chances of slips and trips. Cleaning is also much easier and overall the hygiene level is excellent.”

“Wet rooms are fabulous but require a lot of care and attention to detail,” says interior designer Kate Mooney. “The room must be properly waterproofed and tiled for adequate protection with the floor laid to fall in the direction of the drain. This isn’t a DIY job so call in the experts!”