Conservatory styles

There are a wide range of conservatory styles available. Choosing one that is suitable for your home is essential. If you are unsure, try asking your friends or relatives for a second opinion. Below are some of the common styles currently available.


The simplest and most popular form of conservatory, sometimes known as a sunroom. A single sloped roof running along the length of an external house wall.

Con style Lean-to.jpg


The classic rectangular design of Edwardian-style conservatories allows the optimum use of space. A ridged roof system ensures symmetry of design.

Con style Edwardian2.jpg


This design comes with a ridged roof and a three or five faceted end wall, creating a half rounded feature. This unusual aspect makes the external design of Victorian style conservatories attractive but can slightly restrict the layout of furniture internally.

Con style Victorian2.jpg

Edwardian gable

A flat-featured gable-end running from a ridged roof provides a classic shaped conservatory, favoured in upmarket new build projects.

Con style Edwardian gable2.jpg


If your budget will stretch to it you can create your perfect conservatory by designing the shape to suit your needs.

Con style P-shape2.jpg

Lantern top

Lantern top roofs offer an elegant, classic look for larger conservatories. The roof consists of two tiers with the different levels separated by a row of small windows. This style gives a conservatory real 'presence' and adds to the feeling of space.

Con style Lantern top2.jpg


A T-shape conservatory, if you have the budget, can be a very flexible solution.

Con style T-shape2.jpg


Whatever shape you choose, always remember that a conservatory is a building extension in every sense and needs to be built on proper foundations just like any other extension.

Con style Bespoke2.jpg

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