Garden accessories

If you love al-fresco entertaining, garden furniture is a must whether it’s a compact metal patio-set for two or something more elaborate such as large-scale sofas, daybeds, swing chairs and hammocks. There’s a huge choice of metal, plastic, wood and rattan outdoor furniture, so it’s all down to the atmosphere you want to create.

Metal patio sets

Metal patio sets are just the thing to bring a slice of Continental cafe culture to your garden while rattan corner sofas or loungers evoke the boutique chic of hotel rooftop terraces.


Barbecues are now used all-year-round and have become something of an investment piece for the garden. They seem to be on constant stand-by during the warmer months, wheeled out when that first ray of sunshine peeks through the clouds. However, you don’t necessarily have to pack them away when the temperature dips. If you keep the barbie within easy reach of the kitchen you can cook your steaks or burgers on the grill before bringing them indoors to eat.


Garden accessories come in a rainbow of carnival colours and bold stripes this year, bringing a guaranteed burst of sunshine ...whatever the weather. There’s also a pretty, vintage feel for folksy whimsical charm. To capture this essence, Cuprinol have identified five key garden trends for 2011 which draw upon the ways in which people are using their garden as a multi-purpose space. 'Grow your own' will remain a strong influence throughout the year driven by a desire for practicality, self-sufficiency and natural materials, particularly new and reclaimed wood. This is accompanied by a colour palette anchored in earthy browns and mossy greens.

Discovery features flashes of rich colour for a fun, carefree look - why not paint the shed in their Summer Damson or soft pink Sweet Pea shades? Grey tones, vintage finds and classical planting define the Homespun Chic trend while the Urban Exotic theme reflects the desire for more workable space outside in masculine colours, and features that you wouldn’t expect outdoors such as kitchen work surfaces, feature walls and low level seating. Cuprinol have launched new shades to complement the trends, with prices from £2.49 - perhaps it’s time to give the decking or fence a more interesting makeover?

Garden art

Wall art has also ventured outdoors and garden gurus Gardman have launched a new range of designs including flowers, leaves, animals and trees.


If you enjoy sitting in the garden into the evening, or using the space during the winter, fire bowls or a chiminea will keep the chill at bay and free standing biofuel fires will bring a fashionable feel to outdoor spaces.

Candles & Lanterns

Don’t forget the candles and lanterns for ambience after-dark or outdoor lights to cast a magical glow - you can still enjoy the effect when sitting indoors.