Hang time

One of the easiest ways to incorporate colour and balance to your garden is to invest in hanging baskets and planting containers. Choose vibrant bedding plants for a short-term show, or herbs, shrubs and evergreens for a long-lasting display.

“When the time comes to select your plants, it is worth carefully considering the flowering plants you choose. Select colours that work well together and plants that flower reliably,” says Steve Taylor, plant manager at Dobbies Garden World, Edinburgh.

“Once you have all your planting materials together the next step is to begin arranging your plants in your basket or container. It is usually easiest to start with one central plant. This helps to create structure and impact in the basket, leaving surrounding space for smaller plants and flowers.

“Hanging-baskets really are very easy to create, and can be fixed to most walls and exterior buildings, be it your house, garage or garden shed” adds Steve. “They also look fantastic suspended from porch beams and garden trellises.”

Containers are another easy and effective way to add a burst of colour to your home or garden, from pots and troughs to half barrels and window boxes. “When choosing a container, consider where you’re going to put it. Natural materials look good with traditional buildings or among plants, while plastics suit more modern environments.”

The sizes of plants should also be considered too. “You don’t want a tiny plant in a huge pot, or a large plant in a pot too small, this will lead to it being re-potted often,” cautions Steve.

“Remember to provide plenty of large drainage holes in the bottom of your container and ensure ceramic pots are frost proof so they last through the winter months. You can also recycle household sinks, buckets and old chimney pots, making them into creative additions to outdoor areas ... be imaginative!”