Bathroom tips

Check out these bathroom tips from some of the regions top bathroom experts.

“When embarking on a project think about where the main waste pipe is positioned. Can this be moved without unnecessary expense and disruption? If not, then your WC must stay in this location,” says interior designer Kate Mooney. “Similarly, where is the drainage for the bath/shower and wash hand basin located? Having an under-standing of the technical issues around the location of these main services in your bathroom will enable you to design the most effective and efficient space without wasting money unnecessarily.”

“Before you start looking into different showering options, you will need to check the type of system you can have with your plumber,” says Yvonne Orgill of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association. “As most UK homes have a water pressure of between 0.1 and 1 bar, you may require a pump to be installed to increase the pressure so that your new shower performs at its best.”

“Bathroom furniture adds countless options, especially if you look at the finishes, which range from classic wood through to contemporary high-gloss paint. The comprehensive collections available allow you to create individual solutions but with the assurance that all the items will match as they are designed to fit together,” says Gary Dart, UK managing director of Duravit.

“People look on the internet and in brochures to buy bathrooms, but while anyone can make the front look good, what’s behind the scenes, for example, the WC frame and the shower valves which make all the difference,” says Gavin Derighetti of Victor Paris. “It’s important to buy a reputable brand.”

“For small bathrooms, try to keep the pipework hidden,” says Gary Dart, UK managing director of Duravit. “Clean lines please the eye and give the illusion of space. Don't forget storage as small spaces can quickly become cluttered. A vanity unit is an ideal solution as it offers storage and also hides pipework.”

“Anyone who is about to install a new bathroom and wants to save money on their utility bills (or even better, wants to help save the planet) would be well advised to look for the Water Efficient Product Label – WEPLS for short - which is beginning to appear on all the very best in water efficient bathroom products.” says Yvonne Orgill.

“If you are planning a large project and are working with an architect or builder, any reputable bathroom supplier will be happy to work hand in hand with your chosen contractor. Speaking to a bathroom company at the earliest stage might just give you some ideas or solutions that weren’t in the original plans.” says Gavin Derighetti.