Fabulous flooring tips

What the experts say.

“Don’t leave choosing flooring until last. Your choice of floor covering is a design statement in its own right and can have a massive impact on the look and feel of a room,” warns Inga Morris of Crucial Trading.

“Choose a reputable retailer who will measure your room, check for moisture, assess your sub-floor and work with you to get the best results. Ask your retailer for a sample to take home so you can see it in your own environment and in your own natural light,” advise The Carpet Foundation.

“In the kitchen, or areas where there’s a risk of water being spilt, it’s advisable to give your floor an extra coat of finish (lacquer or oil) after installation. This seals the joints between boards and gives better protection against water,” says Harvey Booth of Kährs. “Also, be aware that some species are more sensitive to moisture than others, especially beech and hard maple.

“Pattern and the direction in which a floor is laid can also determine the look and feel. One-strip boards particularly suit larger rooms and, as with all designs, work best when laid towards the source of light, while patterns can create a linear effect in smaller spaces.” adds Harvey.

Buy new underlay. The Carpet Foundation advises that it will prolong the life of your new carpet by up to 40%as well as giving added comfort.