Kitchen planning tips

Kitchen planning tips from our kitchen planning experts.

“The location of services is key at the planning stages. Work out where power, water or underfloor heating is going as this will determine the location of appliances,” says Paul O’Brien of Kitchens International.

Paul adds “the design process is the most important part of planning a kitchen. It is not what the customer should be asking of the designer but rather what the designer should ask of the customer.”

"The best design for an open-plan kitchen is to ensure the kitchen combines food preparation, dining and living in one and often we find the 'inside out' design is the best where the customer extends out from the house creating a whole new area of kitchen and living,” concludes Paul.

“Don’t try to cram too much into your available space as this will result in an ineffective kitchen which feels small,” says Martin Thomas, the national chair of KBSA and Scotland’s regional chair. “If you don’t have room for a dining table, incorporate a breakfast bar instead.”

“The most vital part of the design and planning process is zoning,” says interior designer, Mary Leslie. “My over-riding piece of advice if someone is thinking of a big cook/eat/live space is to plan it with a sympathetic professional. There are too many pitfalls to consider if you go it alone.

“Consider fixing large tiles horizontally for a modern streamlined feel and look at colour too. The tiling space in most kitchens is quite small so colour can be used without being overpowering,” says Sheila Elliott of British Ceramic Tile.