Tips for dealing with professionals

Some do’s and don’ts when dealing with tradespeople.


Provide a thorough brief on the work you’d like carried out

Ask for advice on achieving your desired outcome

Think about what your budget is (and tell the tradesperson)

Ask for a quote/estimate if any additional work is required

Offer the tradesperson tea or coffee

Be a little flexible in the window of time for an appointment

Plan work as far in advance as possible

Make prompt payment



Keep chopping and changing your mind

Expect a tradesperson to act as an interior designer or architect

Ask for multiple variations of a quote and hope one of them fits your budget

Say “While you’re here...” and expect not to pay for additional work

Be offended if they decline your homemade cakes

Wait for more than 15 minutes after an appointed time before calling a tradesperson

Expect a tradesperson to drop all his existing appointments to come and see you.

Be afraid to question parts of an invoice if you would like clarification